Twitter Slams Timbaland Over Confessing Love For Aaliyah Amid #SurvivingRKelly Scandal

The stories about R.Kelly has been widely publicized in the recent Lifetime show “Surviving R.Kelly”, but he isn’t the only one catching heat about comments over an underage superstar.

Social media commentators have been discussing the jaw-dropping Lifetime documentary that highlighted the longstanding sexual abuse allegations that surround singer R. Kelly. As the debate for who is to blame rages on, according to, fans are beginning to question the relationship between producer Timbaland and the underage late songstress Aaliyah. Thanks to some unearthed archived footage, Timbaland (born Timothy Mosley). from a 2011 episode of E!’s “True Hollywood Story” explained his feelings shortly after their initial meeting.

Timbo eventually confessed he loved the young singer so much that he married a woman primarily because of her resemblance to the ‘4 Page Letter’ singer.

Which that prompted social media reaction; CLICK HERE to read more about this story and see the reactions to Timbaland’s admission from


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