Lady at Airport Experiences a Melt Down and Screams at JetBlue Staff [VIDEO]

Traveling can be stressful… but maybe not to this extent.
According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, a woman was arrested at Fort-Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport after screaming at a JetBlue worker and threatening passengers who were stuck during a lengthy delay. The unidentified woman’s tirade was caught on video and shared to Instagram.In the video, the woman starts jumping up and down at the desk near her gate screaming at the employee. “Who does that to a woman like me? Get me out of this f—-d up place, you rapist. Get me out of here, get me out of here,” she yells.


The woman claimed she was homeless and warned that she had a gun.

After she finished yelling at the desk agent, she grabbed her bags and stormed off before she was detained by police.

CLICK HERE to read more from Yahoo! Lifestyle and if she made her flight and how did the Jet Blue employee feel after being scolded by a passenger.  



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