Cardi B. Snaps at People Accusing Her of Not Writing Her Lyrics

Cardi B is getting sick and tired of being hearing the same accusations, of using a ghostwriter for her music.

On Thursday (June 6), Cardi released an expletive-filled statement on Twitter to set the record straight about the salacious rumor, after a Twitter user questioned how she’s on the recently released Billboard’s Top 100 Songwriters chart. (Cardi is #8 on the list)

“[It’s because I do write a lot of my sh*t that’s the thing,” she explained. “Yes just like every other artist I do have a couple writer that help with hooks but I wrote plenty of songs on my album specially my mixtape .Ya just flip sh*t and ya want to believe the f**k sh*t so bad but EAT IT UP B*TCH! ”

As fans know, Cardi is not one to stay quiet when haters issue their unwarranted criticism. The 26-year-old has overcome a lot to get where she is now, and she isn’t about to stop. She recently dropped her latest single “Press” and is expected to drop her second studio album later this year.


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