It’s Official: The Boondocks are Back!

Boondocks fans rejoice! It’s been confirmed that the show is being rebooted!

The news was reported by Sony Pictures Animation as part of their presentation at the Annecy Festival 2019 today.

Fans and viewers can expect, the new incarnation of ‘The Boondocks’ is being billed as a “re-imagining” of the satire. It’s been confirmed that McGruder is back on-board.

Additional details are expected shortly, but as at writing, the refreshed take on the show will serve up aspects of the familiar in that it’ll center around Freeman family and their combat against Uncle Ruckus. A “new” angle will see the once lowly Ruckus now serve as a prominent leader in Woodcrest County as he rules it with an iron fist.

We are all sorts of ready!


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