Selena Gomez Doesn’t Have Instagram On Her Phone

SELENA GOMEZ has more than 150 million followers on Instagram, which is good enough to make her the third most-followed person on the app.  But she doesn’t even have it on her phone anymore.

On “Live with Kelly and Ryan” yesterday, Selena said, quote, “I used to [use it] a lot, but I think it’s just become really unhealthy . . .

“I think, personally, for young people, including myself, to spend all of their time fixating on all these comments and letting this stuff in.  It was affecting me.  It would make me depressed.

“It’d make me feel not good about myself and look at my body differently and all kinds of stuff.”

Selena still posts about once a week or so . . . so how does she do it?  Quote, “I have it on someone else’s phone, and when I feel like I want to share something with my fans or just mess around with it, I do it then.”

A personal social media account is a strange thing to have on someone ELSE’s phone, but celebrities are weird.


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