Did Taylor Swift Break Instagram Announcing Her New Album Details?

Did Taylor Swift break Instagram?

Swift’s promise to live stream at 5 p.m. [ET] for fans on Instagram and “fill you in on some stuff” might be why the platform crashed suddenly yesterday – an outage that lasted more than an hour. A lot of people used Twitter to vent their frustrations – with many placing the blame squarely on Swift.

“Taylor Swift broke Instagram, no big deal,” one Twitter use wrote, while another added, “We all know it was @taylorswift13 fault. Her livestream broke it. Lol ?#instagramdown.”

But Taylor wanted no part of the blame game. “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative,” she jokingly replied to fan on Tumblr, who said she “broke” Instagram. Tay added a crying laughing emoji.

Then, Taylor revealed who really caused Instagram to crash. In the form of hashtags, she wrote, “I DID NOT BREAK THE INSTAGRAM”,”YALL BROKE THE INSTAGRAM.” And, the fan who Tay replied to found her response hilarious. “SHE CAN FIGHT ME. SHE BROKE THE INSTAGRAM. (I LOVE HER ??????)”, the fan captioned a screenshot of the exchange to Instagram, tagging Taylor.

Meanwhile, Swift announced her seventh studio album, Lover, comes out August 23rd. The significance of that date? August is the 8th month, and 8 + 2 + 3 = Taylor’s lucky number 13:

[“August is the eighth month of the year. 23, 2 + 3, you just add it all together, 8 + 2 + 3 equals… I’m obnoxious.”]



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