Miley Cyrus Releases Ashley O’s “Black Mirror” Video

Ashley O, the purple-haired pop star portrayed by Miley Cyrus in the new Black Mirror episode “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too” on Netflix, stars in the new video for “On a Roll,” the song and video snippets seen and heard throughout the episode. “On a Roll” is a reworking of Nine Inch Nails’ classic song “Head Like a Hole.”

In the clip, Miley as Ashley sings on a lit-up set while wearing a white vinyl two-piece outfit, surrounded by a troupe of backup dancers. It appears to be a normal pop video until near the end, when the picture appears to split and crack, like the graphic that opens Black Mirror. In between those cracks, the picture switches to black and white, and there are flashes of Ashley O looking upset and giving the finger. There are also scenes of Ashley O’s manager and aunt, Catherine, played by Susan Pourfar.


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