Big Machine Releasing Taylor Swift’s Early Singles on Limited-Edition Vinyl

Taylor Swift’s former record label is offering fans limited-edition vinyl singles to celebrate the 13th anniversary of her debut album this fall.

As previously reported, Scooter Braun – who Taylor has accused of bullying her and trying to “dismantle” her career – bought her former label, Big Machine, last month, giving him control over her back catalog. But a rep for the label tells Billboard that plans were in the works to sell the singles long before the June 30th announcement of Braun’s purchase.

The first vinyl single, “Tim McGraw,” sold out after being announced June 20th. The latest, offered to fans Wednesday, is “Teardrops on My Guitar.” The $10 single features the original song, as well as an acoustic performance from 2007. It’s set to ship August 30th.

Three more songs will be released in the near future, according to Billboard, but there are no plans to reissue her self-titled 2006 debut album.

Swift left Big Machine in November, signing a new global deal with Universal Music Group. Lover, her first album under the new deal, comes out August 23rd.


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