@Rioontheradio: Adam Levine as Dad on TV is Better than a Performer at halftime. #ImJustSayin

Just like most who say the “Big Game” and the halftime performance, I’ve realized that Maroon 5 lead singer, Adam Levine, totally missed the mark yesterday. (Sunday)

The show was great with Travis Scott and Big Boi but with melodies of Maroon 5 songs sprinkled around the set, just made it seemed like the show was forced. It fell flat (as most of the public believed it would) without any excitement or surprise guests to give the performance a creative spin to what was billed.

Then I saw a commercial that made me like Adam all over again. Yes it was that quick.

Adam Levine’s role as dad and guest star John Legend made me smile after watching a new Pampers commercial.


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